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Students for Design Activism, Lower Course

Sibley Underpass

Lower Course. Image credit: Erin Garnaas-Holmes.

Lower Course. Image credit: Michael Richardson.

Lower Course

Lower Course: (n) the section of the river near the sea, where deposition is the most important process and the valley becomes wider and flatter.

An installation of light and sound will connect the urban realm of downtown Saint Paul to its grand natural amenity, the Mississippi River. We are often unaware of our strong connection to the river and do not recognize how our actions upstream affect those downstream. We drink from the Mississippi and pour our waste into it, but it is a complex, beautiful, and living system. Lower Course collects you from upstream and sends you downstream, illuminating a new experience of the Mississippi along the way.

Participating designers: Michael Richardson, Erin Garnaas-Holmes, Solange Guilliame, Lindsay Hawks, Alex Hill, Ryan Ruttger, and Elissa Brown.