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David Bryan, Strange Attractor

Union Depot

Inspiration for Strange Attractors. Image credit: Alex Weber,

Inspiration for Strange Attractors. Image credit: Alex Weber,

Strange Attractor

This wall of art will simulate the blinking of individual fireflies in a large mass. The wall will be six feet long with blinking lights that show a representation of fireflies in the wild. The art reacts to light in a similar manner that eco-systems do when in or out of balance by encroaching outside forces. The individual pixels are modeled after the blinking of fireflies.

In a natural landscape, fireflies will synchronize (phase synchronization) their blinking to be in unison with each other. This wall will mimic the natural phenomenon, allowing you to interact with the art. The viewer will get real-time feedback on how outside forces can have an impact on natural ecosystems. Participants will be given flashlights to see how the art reacts when stimulated.

This is being designed, created, and backed by The Hack Factory, a 501c3 non-profit organization in the Seward neighborhood. Hack Factory of MN’s goal is have a collaborative shop space where people can come to work on projects, and foster an environment for learning, teaching, and making. The Hack Factory offers classes in diverse subjects such as electronics, woodworking, welding, etc.